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A Kashmiri in America :
The Lucky Shade of Brown

Muzamil Jaleel, the Indian Express bureau chief in Kashmir during a tumultuous decade, has taken his sharp eye and sharp wit from Cambodia to Northern Ireland, from Afghanistan to the Middle East. On fellowships, he studied briefly at the University of California at Berkeley and worked at the Guardian and the Observer in London. He has written on terrorism and suicide for Mother Jones. In December and deep into the winter of 2008, he did the reporting job he has long wanted to do: In America.
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Exceptionalism : America the Exempt

When Samantha Power won a 2003 Pulitzer Prize for her book, A Problem From Hell: America and the Age of Genocide, she remarked, “There has never been a more important time to think about America’s role in the world, about U.S. foreign policy, and about responsible citizenship.” These words grow truer by the year. It is time, Power argues, to redefine a course charted during the nation’s earlier days.
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Mind Blindness and
the Decline of Hitchhiking

Paul Theroux seldom leaves the reader neutral; his sharp eye spares little of what it sees. At first a novelist, he set out one day to ride a train from his London home to the far end of Asia, pioneering in the process a genre of take-no-prisoners travel writing. But no fair-minded reader can question Theroux’s authority. With homes in Cape Cod and Oahu, his American roots run deep. Yet in his constant travels, he is hardly an innocent abroad. From the time he left Massachusetts for the Peace Corps in Malawi in the 1960s, he has gotten, and gets, as close to the real world as anyone can.
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Of Turbans and Neckties :
Why Past Defines Present

In a profession that treasures its heroes, ask any correspondent about Kif, John Kifner of the New York Times. After editing his Williams College paper, he joined the Times as a copy boy in 1963 and badgered his bosses for reporting assignments. Soon, he was a star. With ingenuity, endless energy, and his fabled war bag always packed by the door, he moves at warp speed. An impish grin and persistence win over sources. A mastery of world realities underlies his work. Mostly, Kif is a reporter’s reporter, who knows the value of seeing the story up close. He belongs to a breed that recognizes its own. Late one night on a train from Bucharest, after covering Nicolae Ceausescu’s fall, he watched a newsmagazine correspondent pad to the washroom with slippers, pajamas, robe, and toothbrush glass. “That guy,” he remarked with a laugh to a colleague sharing the Scotch, “is going to be an editor.”
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