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dispatches aims to help meet a desperate need in a 21st-century world that can barely keep up with itself. At the pace we all function, there are no solutions, only promising directions. No one power can dominate the rest, nor can any single philosophy prevail over others. As resources rapidly dwindle, human ability to wreak havoc develops at a harrowing pace. In the face of this, nations, societies, and individuals need to act together based on a common understanding and mutual respect.

Our very survival depends not only on well-chosen leaders but also on informed followers with a firm grasp of global realities. As a quarterly focused on the most critical subjects of our time, dispatches reaches beyond what and who to the more crucial why and what can be done? Writers and photographers go to the heart of reality to reflect what they see without editorial pressures or commercial constraints. Reliable reporting and analysis are set within human contexts and a historical continuum.

The need for dispatches grows more pressing by the day. At a time when we urgently seek deeper and broader coverage, what we get grows shallower and narrower. The Internet allows us access to information we could not have dreamed of in the past, but it also misleads, distorts, and confuses.

Our mission is to help fill this growing void with an independent look at the huge challenges facing the world today. We seek to spark curiosity and provide factual bases to inspire discussion, protest, and change. Our target is not only the professional world watcher but also citizens who want to make a difference and students who must deal with crises they inherit. With a fresh design and innovative delivery, we aim for the widest possible appeal. Yet we are rooted solidly in the journalistic tenets of integrity, credibility, and accountability; this, in the end, is paramount.

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