Five Must-have Backyard Tools written

Most of us practically grew up in the backyard. When our moms wanted to have the house all cleaned up, the very first place they’d think of is the backyard. They would send us out to the backyard which was already tidied up for our games as children. However, the backyard has been downplayed for various reasons and has lost its meaning. It’s no longer as fun as it used to be not too long ago.

Once we understand this, we are assured of a healthier environment for other activities. For instance, when we cultivate the backyard and tend to it, we are confident of the fact that other bigger projects will follow. We will need special kinds of tools to make this possible. We can’t clear up our backyards using our bare hands. We have to invest wisely and take care of the tools that we manage to acquire.

Five must-have backyard tools


This calls for in-depth research in case you are new to the whole venture.¬†Cleaning up a backyard is not everyone’s cup of tea and requires the highest level of care and discipline. This means that it’s not a one-time affair and needs to be done every once in a while. Here are the five must-have tools that you must invest in;

A shovel

You’ll need this for the digging up of trash that’s been buried in the soil for too long. You need one that can’t be easily bent out of shape and is durable.

A garden rake

You can gather up all the litter around the backyard using a rake. This makes it easier to collect it and dispose it into a nearby waste bin.

Garden loppers

They can be very useful when it comes to trimming overgrown branches. Worse still, those that have grown out of shape and are looking unsightly. Use them carefully as they can be so harmful when they fall into the wrong hands. They need to be kept out of the reach of children.

Pruning saw

It’s useful for the trimming of stems that are woody and can’t be worked on with bare hands. This must be safely stored after usage as well to prevent unnecessary accidents.

A digging trowel

This basic tool is multipurpose and is useful for weeding among other uses. A good trowel comes along with a holster for safety purposes. It should be shoved into it once the backyard cleaning activities are over.

Care and maintenance of backyard tools

To some, you only need common sense to tell you that you should take proper care of your tools. Here are some ways to do so;


Clean them up after using them. This will prevent the build-up of rust on the tools.


Store them up safely once you are through using them. Leaving them lying around will only lead to the occurrence of multiple accidents.


Use them in the right way. This means that they have to be used for their intended purpose for them to last longer.


Have them sharpened every once in a while. This will help the next time you want to carry out your backyard duties.