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Things That Could Go Wrong With Your Air Conditioning Unit

There are many parts in your AC system that call for the skills of qualified technicians to fix them when they malfunction. However, there are many issues, which you need to check and can save yourself the huge costs. Also, you can seek a company that offers AC repair services. The following are some of the issues that people face with their AC units.

Problems with your AC unit

Failure for an AC to blow cold air

AC unitsThe major reason for this is that its filter may have malfunctioned. It is possible to solve this with a filter placed on the front panel. It is quite easy to change the filter, but most people neglect or forget to change. Thus, over time, the filter is clogged with a lot of dirt. Since the filter is clogged, your condenser fins cannot breathe, and your unit freezes up. If that is the case, you need to change the filter and even try to turn the unit off for some hours.

You can prevent this from happening by replacing the filter on a routine basis. It is possible to tell when the filter requires changing. If light shines easily through, you can continue to use the filter. However, if it is opaque, you need to change it with a new one.

Condenser fins clogged

Usually, if the filter is clogged, then there is a great chance that condenser fins are also clogged. This will prevent your unit from functioning properly. In this case, you can use a brush and clean the fins off. This can help restore your AC unit to a normal working condition.

Low Freon pressure

one AC unitThis is another issue that can make your AC unit fail to work as required. Over time, your unit is likely to develop leaks, which will result in Freon gas to leak. Even though you may purchase a gauge to determine this issue, it is not possible to do the replacement of Freon on your own. In fact, you must have EPA license to carry out such a job. This explains why Freon pressure ought to be checked by an air conditioner expert.

The unit is not working

You need to check or circuit breakers and fuses to ensure that your unit gets the power it requires. Experts can tell you that this does happen on a regular basis.

The above are things that you ought to check before you give a call your AC repair company. Remember that there is a reason for having people trained on AC repair works.