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Four Energy Saving Tips For Your Residence


Summer is usually characterized by sunny days and warm nights. However, with warm weather, you will have to part with more cash for energy bills because you will be usings lots of electricity to keep your home fresh. This post contains straightforward and practical tips that will help you cut down your energy bills significantly. Always stick to them during summer and afterward to avoid digging deeper into your wallet for energy bills.

Shield your home from the sun

saving energyInsulating your home is among the most effective ways to enhance the efficiency of your home. According to recent research, almost have of the heat in a home comes from the sun primarily through the windows. You can take advantage of blinds and curtains to block the heat out of your home so that whether you are away or in you can keep it cool and reduce the burden on your air conditioning unit.

If you want to take the insulation in your home a notch higher, you should install insulated windows that will protect your home from heat and sunlight during summer. And that is not all. The windows will help keep your home during the winter. Also insulate the pipes, vents, and connections in your home to cool your home properly.

Allow your air conditioner to rest

Don’t let your air conditioner run around the clock. Sometimes avoid using your AC and give it a break particularly when it’s cool enough to allow air from outside into your home. Moreover, you will let natural and fresh air flow into your home. It’s worth noting that plants also contribute to more evaporation and cooling too.

If you place them in front of sunny windows, they will efficiently absorb the energy that comes from the sun enhancing the efficacy of your unit and fans. However, you should be on the lookout for the rising humidity. If you live in a place with a humid climate, the screens on your window won’t block the moisture present in the air.

Install a fan in your home

A fan can go a long way when it comes to improving the air flows in your home. They are very common because they use less energy to help with the air circulation and pushing warm air outside the room. The research found that you can cut down your AC electricity consumption by over twenty percent when using a fan together with an air conditioning unit.

Clean the filters of your AC

recycle signTake good care of your AC by cleaning the filters frequently. If your unit hasn’t been serviced for a while now and it’s still running smoothly, then it requires professional cleaning to increase its efficiency. A dirty filter can raise the energy consumption of your air conditioning unit by more than five percent. So never ignore regular inspections. And again if you are not aware of how to do this contact specialist from iBreeze to help you out.